October 30th, 2017

Thank you for attending!

Thank you for joining us in Paris for the 12th EHFCN Conference

The 12th EHFCN Conference was a success! Participants from more than 20 countries exchanged and debated in Paris for 2 days on the theme Future challenges in Europe to counter waste and fraud in healthcare.

Focusing on fraud and waste in healthcare and more in particular on the evolutions of the various European counter-fraud strategies, attendees discussed the levers to face the political expectations as well as the new challenges in Europe for countering waste and fraud in healthcare.

This Conference not only evaluated the actual level of fraud resilience in public health but also looked ahead at what the future might bring to effectively approach these topics.

Participants were EHFCN Members, EHFCN associates and key players in the field of countering fraud, waste and corruption in healthcare in Europe.

Stakeholders and keynote speakers have been interviewed during the conference: the link to the video will be available soon (10 November 2017).

Please note: All handout materials are available to Conference attendees via the 2017 EHFCN conference mobile app.