November 16th, 2018

ISSA and EHFCN sign a Memorandum of Understanding

The International Social Security Association (ISSA) and the European Healthcare Fraud and Corruption Network (EHFCN) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at the occasion of the ISSA International Seminar on Error, Evasion and Fraud in Social Security, hosted in Madrid (Spain) from 13-15 November 2018.

Both institutions recognise the strong complementarities between their mandates and areas of expertise in the pursuit of reducing fraud, corruption and waste in the delivery of social security programs and the importance of learning from different areas of social security, for the benefit of their member institutions.

They engage in sharing knowledge – in particular for the purpose of the ISSA’s Guidelines on Error, Evasion and Fraud (EEF) – and collaborating on the promotion, preparation and organization of workshops, conferences and training seminars.

Dominique La Salle, Director of Social Security (ISSA) and Nathalie De Wulf, Managing Director (EHFCN) signed this MoU that marks the beginning of what we hope will be a long and fruitful collaboration.


MoU ISSA-EHFCN (Madrid, Spain 2018)

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