IGAS - General Inspectorate of Health

IGAS’ mission is to audit, to inspect, to supervise and to conduct disciplinary actions within the health sector, for ensuring compliance with the law and with high technical levels of performance in all areas of activity in healthcare carried out either by the services, the institutions and the organizations under the umbrella of the Ministry of Health, or by the private health sector, natural or legal persons aiming profit or nonprofit which are not included in the National Health Service (SNS).

IGAS aims to be a reference body in promoting quality standards and in preventing fraud, corruption and misuse within the health sector. IGAS is guided by a set of values leading all its actions: – credibility, rigor, independence and coherence.

IGAS’ tasks include:

  • Ensuring the necessary actions for the formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of health policies;
  • Exercising regulatory functions, planning, funding, guidance, monitoring, evaluation, audit and inspection within the National Health Service;
  • Exercising regulatory inspection and supervision over the activities developed by the private health sector which are not integrated in the health system, including the professionals involved.

The Portuguese Ministry of Health formulates, implements and evaluates health policies. This means that it regulates, inspects and reviews all the country’s health-related activities and services related to healthcare.

The Ministry is also responsible for planning, funding, directing, supervising, evaluating and auditing the activities of National Health Service (SNS).

The objective of the National Health Service is to provide its users with complete, high-quality care by means of a network of bodies and services which offer complete healthcare to the whole population and via which the State guarantees peoples’ right to health.

The SNS is made up of all the public entities providing healthcare – be they hospitals, local health units, health centres and family health units, or groups of health centres. The Statute governing the SNS also applies to the private entities and liberal professionals who belong to the national healthcare network, whenever their activities are articulated with the SNS.

More information: http://www.igas.min-saude.pt/