January 15th, 2021

Welcome to our new Managing Director!

Ms. Dimitra Lingri has been appointed Managing Director of EHFCN.

Our sincere congratulations to her!

Dimitra: “On the field of fighting against fraud, corruption and waste, EHFCN is unique in its nature in Europe and represents a long-standing open exchange forum among its members.  Our times call for a further expansion, focusing on digital health, e-health, HTA and emerging technologies too, by capitalizing on the unique expertise of  EHFCN members, both internally, by ensuring a dialogue relevant to the members needs and priorities, and externally by engaging other bodies and institutions and by strengthening collaboration with international organizations.

The current era, has rendered decision-making often in an environment characterized by a very high degree of uncertainty, while decisions regarding very heterogeneous technologies had to  be made, often with limited evidence available or with little knowledge of outcomes or the preferences, needs and wishes of the people being affected, rendering clear the need for intersectoral and interdisciplinary collaboration.

I see an unique opportunity of achieving innovative strategic solutions by promoting interaction and engagement within the members and highlighting data exchange paths. With collaboration and systematic exchanges, we can promote openness in the network. Also, in terms of amplifying out impact, we can strengthen active collaboration with international organizations and forge new partnerships, hoping that our work can benefit our members and  facilitate the uptake of new tools and practices towards the effective implementation across member states. I believe that along these lines, all members can come together to inform the elaboration of these aspects.

I am grateful for the opportunity I am given and count on receiving your valuable input and support to make the Network distinctly present in the current unique juncture of our times.

Dimitra Lingri, EHFCN Managing Director