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What will EHFCN membership provide?

  • Training and exchange of best practices on healthcare fraud, corruption and waste
  • EHFCN International Conferences offer a forum for the professional exchange of knowledge and skills and the opportunity to network with delegates of various backgrounds from across Europe.
  • EHFCN ‘Open Houses’: are organised in order to provide a new opportunity for member organisations to present their strategies, methods of work and results achieved and facilitate the share of good practices. For participants, it is the occasion to understand how members tackle fraud and corruption in their respective country and to take back some ideas despite health systems’ differences.
  • EHFCN Webinars, Training Sessions and Seminars are organised in order to facilitate the share of good practices and new ideas to solve problems. Past topics include data mining, risk assessment and risk management of healthcare fraud.
  • EHFCN’s publications are aimed to help its members associations in their detection and investigation work. They provide methods, information and reference to other countries’ strategies and legislation in relation to the fight against healthcare fraud and corruption.
  • Networking and communications among members

EHFCN website and access to the online communication platform EHFCN Powerhouse:  member associations and all their employees have access to tools and materials and can exchange best practices, expertise and knowledge in this closed platform set up for EHFCN Members that acts as a forum.

Working groups can be set up following members’ requests or at the suggestion of the Executive Committee. The latter is currently looking into setting up further virtual working groups on a few topics to be decided by members.

  • Support for awareness and advocacy work

EHFCN coordinates the awareness campaign against fraud and corruption. Information and materials are produced to be used by members in order to reach decision-makers, healthcare professionals, the wide public and the media in their respective countries.

  • Representation and participation at European and international forums

EHFCN aims to increase its participation at European forums in order to:

  • allow its members to have access to and be informed of the latest development in policies related to countering healthcare fraud and corruption
  • allow access to EU decision makers and major players through its office which is based in Brussels;
  • share its expertise with Members of the European Parliament, Commission officials and other authorities and health professionals stakeholders in public health.

Representation by the EHFCN President, Executive Committee Member or an EHFCN staff at working groups, conferences, and meetings organised by the EU institutions.

  • Development of recommendations and/or position statements on EU policies related to healthcare fraud and corruption.
  • Co-operation with the World Health Organization and the OECD is currently being developed;
  • Ad hoc collaboration with NGOs involved in the justice and home affairs sector, consumer affairs and other areas related to healthcare fraud and corruption is currently being developed.

The EHFCN membership fee system introduces the principle that members’ statutory representation in the Network is met by the degree of their investment. Membership fees range from 625 to 6.000 €.

How to join?

Please fill in and send us back the Membership Application form 2024. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or for help with the forms: or Lawrence de Marneffe, External Relations Officer (

Membership policy

According to the EHFCN Articles of Association two types of membership are open to organisations and entities wishing to join EHFCN:

Corporate (full) membership is open to entities which, in the judgement of the network, are committed to the pursuit of the aim, objective and general approach of the Network.

Corporate membership falls into five categories of investment (Cat. A to E), which are linked to statutory representation in the Network as well as some entitlements according to categories. Corporate members must have an identifiable core of responsibility and/or involvement relating to the countering of fraud, corruption and waste in healthcare systems and must be based in a European country which is a member of the Council of Europe.

Corporate membership may include:

  • Corporate, private or governmental entities directing, managing, delivering or resourcing the provision of healthcare;
  • Corporate, private or governmental entities with a specific role in countering healthcare fraud, corruption and waste;
  • Representative entities for those directly involved in the provision of healthcare;
  • entities of those directly involved in countering healthcare fraud, corruption and waste.

New corporate members will commit to the Network for an initial period of two years.

Associate membership is open to entities who are not eligible for corporate membership yet who are committed to furthering the aims of the network (Cat. F).

Associate entities are not allowed to vote at the General Assembly but they can participate in all the events organised by the Network at the price fixed for associate members.

EHFCN’s financial and membership year goes from 1st January to 31st December.


Everyone has a right to basic healthcare, yet money is lost every year to fraud, corruption and waste instead of providing each person with basic healthcare. Money lost to healthcare fraud deprives hospitals and patients of valuable equipment, staff and resources.

Who pays the price?

We all end up paying the price for healthcare fraud and corruption. As resources are drained from health budgets, less funding is available to pay salaries and fund healthcare services and equipment. This in turn leads to de-motivated healthcare staff and lower quality of care, and a reduced availability of services, treatments and care to the detriment of every patient.

In the end, we all pay the price of healthcare fraud

  • by paying more taxes
  • by paying higher insurance premiums
  • by paying for higher costs of medical services, medicines and equipment

But most importantly, our healthcare is at stake.  EHFCN wants to mobilize the honest majority of healthcare professionals, patients, providers and other people who work in healthcare to prevent the fraudulent or corrupt minority from diverting further funds. Unfortunately, that minority exists in all European countries, and every cent lost drains the lifeblood from our healthcare systems and undermines their capacity to provide essential treatment.

Mail us at to see how we can strenghten our forces in combating fraud, corruption and waste in healthcare.

We look forward to receiving your application form and to welcoming you as an EHFCN member!