CNS 'd'Gesondheetskeess' – the National Health Fund

The Luxembourg social security scheme is divided into various branches: sickness and maternity, long-term care, old-age, invalidity, survivors, family benefits, accidents at work, occupational illnesses and unemployment.

The CNS is in charge of sickness, maternity and long-term care insurances. The CNS is competent for all private-sector insureds (salaried and non-salaried such as the self-employed) as well as for public-sector workers.

The CNS is especially in charge of:

  • Health and maternity insurance
    • Benefits in kind: coverage of health care (consultations, medical care, hospitalisation, medications…) and (prior) authorisation, if necessary
    • Cash benefits: payment of cash benefits (replacement income) in case of prolonged incapacity for work or maternity
    • Co-insurances and international forms: insuring dependent family members and providing forms for health care abroad (for cross-border workers, scheduled authorised treatments abroad…)
  • Long-term care insurance
    • Receiving application forms for assessment
    • Benefits in kind: coverage of acts and services provided by professionals from a care and assistance network; nursing home etc.
    • Cash benefits: if a person lives at home and is cared for by a friend or relative, the benefits in kind may be replaced up to a point by cash benefits

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