Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia became a corporate member of the European Healthcare Fraud and Corruption Network on 9 September 2014.  The Ministry of Health was first represented at the 10th EHFCN conference held in Athens on 6 and 7 November 2014.

For the execution of operations within the purview of the Ministry, the following internal units have been formed: basic and special internal units.

Basic internal units in the Ministry are:

  1. Sector for the Organization of Health Services
  2. Sector for Health Insurance
  3. Sector for Public Health and Health Care Programs
  4. Sector for European Integration and International Cooperation
  5. Sector for Drugs and Medical Devices, a Psychoactive Controlled Substances and Precursors
  6. Sector for Inspection


Special internal units are:

  1. Secretariat of the Ministry
  2. Cabinet of the Minister
  3. Group for Internal Audit and Public Procurement Group
  4. Directorate for Biomedicine


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