EHFCN counts several members in Italy:

  • ISPE Sanità
  • AmTrust Assicurazioni S.p.A.

ISPE Sanità


Largo G. Toniolo 6 00186 – Rome, Italy



Francesco Macchia


mob: +39 340 5192185


Contact person

Fabio Fantoni
Segretario Generale

tel: +39 339 3235811
skype: fantonifabio


The Institute for the Promotion of Ethics in Public HealthCare (ISPE-Sanità) believes that corruption, crimes, inefficiency, waste of money, etc. that afflict the Italian Public Healthcare System – NHS – and that make it economically unsustainable, are also effects of a lack of ethical values. Corruptive acts, waste, inefficiency strictly in the health sector are the areas on which ISPE-Sanità focuses its interventions, developing an approach to scientific understanding of the phenomenon, the identification and implementation of prevention and analysis tools, the recovery of ethical values of the NHS professionals, in promoting legislative initiatives to preventively identify potential incidents. Fighting against corruption and promoting Ethics are the key to the re-launching of the NHS defending its basic principles of equity and its universality.


ISPE-Sanità’s mission is fighting Corruption and fraud in HealthCare to protect the universalistic values of our National Health Service. We consider ”corruption” also those acts of mismanagement and waste of the public wealth that do not necessarily have penal consequences. So, the goal of ISPE-Sanità is to promote ethical behavior in the highest possible number of Public Health operators in order to prevent corruption, safeguard and reform the NHS.


ISPE-Sanità‘s strength lies in its own working method. Fighting against corruption and promoting Ethics will be successful only following a road map developed on five different but complementary levels or departments.

  • Research on way, manner and costs of corruption and non-ethical procedures in the Public Health sector;
  • Advocacy aimed to promote legislation favorable in the battle against corruption;
  • Advisory and supporting public health institutions and LHA’s on how to technically implement anticorruption tools and activities.
  • Training and Coaching the people working in Public Health in order to increase their ethical sensitivity;
  • Communication and awareness on media and Social Media.


ISPE-Sanità is organized in 5 operative departments (Research, Advocacy, Advisory, Training and Communication) each one headed by a Director. The 5 Directors form ISPE-Sanità’s STEERING COMMITTEE that is coordinated by the PRESIDENT.

The General Secretary is in charge of the internal organization of the Institute.

All The activities carried out by ISPE-Sanità are promoted and supervised by two high-profile Boards:

-The ETHICAL BOARD is the highest advisory committee whose task is to direct and supervise all the activities of the Institute;

-The SCIENTIFIC BOARD has primarily a technical and operational role: it’s the real driving force for the Institute’s activities.

Every year the two Boards work jointly in the SCIENTIFIC-ETHICAL COMMITTEE in order to promote ISPE-Sanità and its activities.

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AmTrust Assicurazioni S.p.A.

AmTrust Assicurazioni S.p.A.

Italian Branch

Via Clerici, 14 – 20121 Milan (Italy)

Vat number: 01917540518

Phone nr. +39.0283438150   Fax nr.+39.0283438174

E-mail address (for frauds issues): or (for general info).

More Information:

Contact people:



AmTrust is a Multinational Insurance Company offering niche solutions to businesses and their customers.

We focus on underserved markets in the areas of small commercial business, property, casualty, extended warranty and specialty programs.

Since AmTrust’s founding in 1998, we have emerged as a global presence, with more than125 offices serving more than 70 countries, including 1,500 international employees in 25 countries.  Our growth is built on trust and we will continue to work hard to earn it.  Our global footprint will continue to grow as we pursue opportunities in Europe and Southeast Asia in order to insulate AmTrust against country-specific volatility.

The foundation of AmTrust’s performance and ability to grow is our vertically integrated, entirely proprietary technology platform. Built and constantly upgraded by our in-house technology team of 1,000 engineers, architects and program managers, this platform drives lower costs, enhances underwriting and actuarial proficiency, and improves the agent and client experience.

In the hands of our experienced internal claims staff, it facilitates the in-depth review of policies for quick and fair resolution. This efficiency helps us achieve a stable loss ratio, while our ability to analyze the big data that we now own allows us to anticipate trends.

The insurance AmTrust Group is rated “A” (Excellent) by A.M. Best.

Our mission is to offer our customers the excellence in risk coverage, the best service experience, driven by innovation and transformative technology.

The synergies between several international competencies allow us to offer high quality tailor-made solutions and services, guaranteed by exceptional financial security for a wide coverage of risks. The range of products is designed to adapt to the changes in the Italian insurance market and to meet the needs of business partners and customers with an innovative and flexible approach.

Our underwriters are distinguished by their experience and expertise, and we are well-known by the ability to identify solutions for any type of risk, even the most unusual.

In Italy, AmTrust group is currently operating by three Insurance Companies, AmTrust Europe, AmTrust International Underwriters e AmTrust Mortgage Insurance.

In the Italian market AmTrust is leader in the field of medical-malpractice sector with 60% market share for Public Hospital coverage and over 100,000 insured doctors, also by always new offer of insurance products over the past few years like the reimbursement of medical expenses.

With reference to the Healthcare field, AmTrust has implemented its activities focusing on Risk Management policies of the Italian Healthcare System over the years, in order to provide its customers with the most suitable insurance product for their special needs.

In addition to this, AmTrust, on yearly basis, evaluates the quality level of the risk management framework of the hospitals (insured or to be insured) by the analysis of the trends and an in depth study of the main phenomena associated with the principal type of claims.

With reference to the Anti-fraud department, it belongs to the Risk Management Unit and it is requested to work with repressive and preventive purposes, by focusing on both the risks which could arise during the very beginning of the contractual relationship and on the risks related to the claims management.

With this scheme in mind, specific and cutting edge organizational, contractual and procedural models has been be set up in order to tackle the fraud risk.

In addition to this, we have established very effective and strong relationships with the Judicial Authorities charged of the investigation related to criminal proceeding, which may involve our Company as potential victim of frauds by the commitment of our highly specialized personnel operating both in the Underwriting and in Claims Units.

Finally, with reference to our commitment in fighting frauds and corruption in the Healthcare system with a cross-cutting approach, we deem it appropriate to underline the importance of our EHFCN membership.

To be a member of EHFCN is crucial for our specific programs and investments to fight against the above mentioned crimes which impact very seriously on our Healthcare Systems and on the Company in terms of losses.