July 31st, 2018

8th EU Open House on 25 & 26 April 2018 in Brussels (Belgium)

On 25 April & 26 April, EHFCN organized the EU Open House event in Brussels (Belgium).

It was hosted in the European Parliament (supported by Mrs Anne Sander MEP) in the morning of 25 April, followed by an afternoon at the premises of the National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance (NIHDI) (Brussels) with a focus on waste. The General Assembly of the network was hosted at NIHDI on 26 April following a workshop on new technical solutions to tackle waste, fraud and corruption.

On April 25th 2018, EHFCN and AIM organized a joint session in the European Parliament, hosted by MEP Anne Sander. We focused on the issue of cross-border healthcare fraud and reflected on the European Commission’s Cross-Border Care Study. In accordance with the conclusions of the Study, EHFCN acknowledged the fact that many of these phenomena remain unregistered and underreported. EHFCN fully endorsed the Study’s call “to stimulate research on cross-border healthcare fraud and to invest in scientific follow-up research on the scale, patterns and types of fraud in cross-border healthcare in the EU Member States”.

This event is definitely a step in the right direction. EHFCN will continue to stimulate and coordinate bilateral and multilateral projects between EU Member States, such as the Benelux project CERBEUROS, to document and to tackle cross-border fraud phenomena. The common objective is to achieve tangible results to the benefit of both authorities and competent actors in the field and, ultimately, for every patient in Europe.

Here was the program.