November 2nd, 2016

Running projects

EHFCN is currently working on several projects with other (international) organisations or networks:

  • BENELUX Project with the Benelux Secretariat General (Brussels, Belgium) ( – more information will follow soon
  • EPAC/EACN network (European Partners against Corruption (EPAC) and European contact-point network against corruption (EACN)  ( Paul Vincke, Managing Director of EHFCN, participates in the Working Group on Corruption in Healthcare Systems.
  • ISSA (International Social Security Association) ( Nathalie De Wulf, Member of the EHFCN Executive Commitee, has been nominated Vice-Chair of the Technical Commission on Medical Care and Sickness Insurance (TC Health) and represented EHFCN at the World Social Security Forum taking place in Panama City, Panama (November 2016) as well as on the recurrent meetings of the Technical Commissions in Geneva.
  • OECD Expert Meeting on Releasing Health System Resources for Better Value Care: Tackling Ineffective Health Spending and Waste: Paul Vincke, Managing Director of EHFCN, participates in these expert meetings.