November 2nd, 2016

The EHFCN Powerhouse

In 2015, at the occasion of the Open House in Prague (Czech Republic), hosted by VZP CR, the online communication platform for EHFCN members was launched, named ‘EHFCN Powerhouse’. It aims to connect with EHFCN members from all over the world. As members are geographically spread, it offers a business room in the cloud on a continuous basis.

The online platform allows to:

  • connect with professionals
  • share knowledge, ideas and best practices
  • contribute to counter fraud, waste and corruption in healthcare

This platform will be used actively in the coming year. EHFCN will focus on methods to make the exchange easy and targets are defined to make it interactive on a daily basis.

Join us to connect, share and contribute with our Experts! If you would like to access the Member Area, you have to become an EHFCN Member.  Please contact us at