July 6th, 2021

Save The Date: 14th EHFCN International  Conference

The European Healthcare Fraud and Corruption Network (EHFCN) is pleased to invite you to the 14th EHFCN International Conference on 18 and 20 October 2021.

The EHFCN Conference will address aspects related to integrity in health care: strengthening integrity in the health sector in changing societies and combating fraud, waste and corruption to ensure the right to health for the benefit of every patient.

The EHFCN Conference will be held virtually offering the exciting opportunity for the exchange of experience and ideas in this important field. This conference will bring together some institutions and experts from EHFCN Members and international organizations to share thoughts and concrete experiences in the integrity in the healthcare sector.

The program includes plenary sessions, panel discussions and video testimonials. Most sessions will be live with interaction and moderation.

Online registration will open on August 2021 and all detailed information about the agenda, the speakers and practical information will be available.

Stay tuned for updates , registration, and more.

For questions and information you can reach us at office@ehfcn.org

 We look forward to connecting with you for the 14th EHFCN Conference!