December 9th, 2022

The International Anti-Corruption Day

On 9 December 2022, EHFCN and our Member Transparency International Germany celebrate the International Anti-Corruption Day.

The International Anti-Corruption Day (IACD) raises awareness about corruption and ways to combat and prevent it. The day was created by the United Nations Conventions against Corruption on October 31, 2003, and since then, December 9 is observed as International Anti-Corruption Day. All countries are affected by corruption, which is why it is considered a complex social, political, and economic issue because no country, region, or community is immune to it.

The IACD seeks to highlight the crucial link between anti-corruption and peace, security, and development. At its core is the notion that tackling this crime is the right and responsibility of everyone, and that only through cooperation and the involvement of each and every person and institution can we overcome the negative impact of this crime. States, government officials, civil servants, law enforcement officers, media representatives, the private sector, civil society, academia, the public and youth alike all have a role to play in uniting the world against corruption.

The 2022 IACD also marks the start of efforts to mark the twentieth anniversary of the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC).

More info about the International Anti-Corruption Day (Transparency International Germany).