EHFCN is run according to its Articles of Association and under the following representative lines:

The General Assembly is comprised of delegates from corporate members and meets once a year in a location in Europe. It is the body of supreme authority of the network. Among its roles, the General Assembly determines the general policies of the network, elects the Executive Committee members, approves the annual accounts and annual budget.

The Executive Committee is the managing body of the network. Its duties include overseeing the affairs of the network, monitoring the implementation of the network’s resolutions, adopting working and administrative policies and budgets for the network, establishing Working Groups, Task Forces and Sub-Committees as needed. The Executive Committee consists of four members elected by EHFCN delegates at the General Assembly. Members of the Executive Committee do not represent their organization and are not remunerated for their position. The current Executive Committee is composed of the following 4 members:

  • President
  • Vice-president
  • Treasurer
  • Ordinary Member

In 2020-2021, the Executive Committee comprises (contact details of the persons listed below can be found on ‘Contact us’):

The Executive Committee

Mr. Tom Verdonck – President EHFCN (, Advisor at NIHDI (National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance, Brussels, Belgium)
Mr. Francesco Macchia– Vice President of the EHFCN Executive Committee (, President of ISPE Sanità (Istituto per la Promozione dell’Etica in sanità) (Rome, Italy)
Mrs. Marta Maria de Sousa Henriques Gonçalves – Treasurer EHFCN(, General Inspectorate of Health IGAS (Inspeção-Geral das Atividades em Saúde, Lisbon, Portugal)

Daily management: Dimitra Lingri, Managing Director (click on the subpage ‘EHFCN Team’).