What we do

EHFCN’s activities aim to support members and associates entities in their work of prevention, detection, investigation, prosecution and redress of healthcare fraud, corruption and waste.

EHFCN organizes International Conferences, Open Houses and Webinars

They all aim at promoting the share of best practice and encouraging the exchange of information, the development of common working standards and networking with peers.

  • The International Conference is organized every 2 years and hosted by an EHFCN Member. It is open to the public.
    Participants include relevant counter fraud experts, policy makers as well as political leaders in dealing with fraud, waste and corruption in healthcare from different levels and different organizations (governments, private sector, international organizations, NGO’s) plus leading scientists from various disciplines. Consult our last International conference.
  • The Open House is a meeting hosted by an EHFCN Member who opens its doors to other EHFCN members and invitees. An Open House provides the possibility of learning from each other about counter fraud/corruption practices and exchange expertise. It is an internal meeting. Consult our last Open House.
  • Webinars are ideal for our Members interested in improving health and care, offering an opportunity to learn from external expertise, but, also, to meet, share ideas and discuss.
    Webinars cover key areas in healthcare and explore challenges and opportunities of health strategies in the current climate to tackle fraud and corruption. Consult the List of our previous Webinars.

EHFCN Excellence Awards

These awards aim to stimulate best practices in counter fraud and counter corruption activities in healthcare.

They also aim to promote the work of EHFCN by accrediting particular actions or initiatives which prove excellence in the field and constitute tangible contributions to the promotion of the goals of EHFCN.

EHFCN awareness campaigns

Awareness campaigns call for the creation of a real anti-fraud and anti-corruption culture within the healthcare systems among service providers, healthcare suppliers, healthcare payers, healthcare users and ultimately among all European citizens. They are organized simultaneously by EHFCN and its member organizations. The activities aim at raising awareness of the problem of healthcare fraud, waste and corruption across Europe.

EHFCN Publications

They aim to provide information and a better insight in the issues tackled by the Network, for the Network and other stakeholders interested in the topic.

To read the latest EHFCN publications, please click on Publications.


Finally, EHFCN monitors EU affairs related to fraud, corruption and waste in the healthcare sector in order to better collaborate with European and international bodies which have an influence on healthcare in Europe. It provides its members with information on what is happening at European level and represents its members in EU consultations.

For more information on our running projects, please click on What are we working on?