Healthcare fraud, corruption and waste in Europe: national and academic perspectives


Jos Boertjens, Misja Mikkers, Wolf Sauter and Paul Vincke

The objective in this book, that is co-edited by EHFCN and NZa (the Dutch Healthcare Authority) as an outcome of the 11th EHFCN Conference on ‘Ensuring financially sustainable healthcare in Europe: countering fraud, waste and corruption’, is to provide a first overview of the topic from various national and academic perspectives that is perhaps not fully comprehensive but at least provides a general introduction and will hopefully help set the agenda in this field, both in academic terms and as regards the combating of healthcare fraud in practice. As such the book covers a mix of fraud, waste and abuse related topics in relation to healthcare and describes the way in which fraud is detected and combatted in a range of different European countries.

The book is organized in two main parts: firstly, an academic part covering economic, criminology, data analysis and legal perspectives; and second, a series of country reports reflecting both the similarities and the diversity of the European experience. In the remainder of this introduction both parts are summarized briefly.

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Study on Corruption in the Healthcare Sector, European Commission, October 2013

The “Study on Corruption in Healthcare”, published by the European Commission, is the result of close cooperation between the European Healthcare Fraud and Corruption Network, ECORYS (Dutch Research and Consultancy Company) and country correspondents in 28 European Union Member States.

This study, being a first ever of such important dimensions, is a milestone in the fight against corruption in healthcare in Europe. The result is an explanatory overview of typologies, policies, practices and recommendations, illustrated with 86 cases of corruption in health. EHFCN has contributed considerably to this report that will serve as an important reference in the Network’s campaign against corruption in the healthcare sector in Europe.

Study on Corruption in the Healthcare Sector (HOME/2011/ISEC/PR/047-A2 October 2013)